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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trial Cuppies for Bee's

After dealing with Encik Fadzli, owner of Bee's bakery at Plaza Alam Sentral, we decided to make a trial on our cuppies. We agreed to put two type of decorations. Normal design and another one with image. Emm.. hopefully this is a good step to move on.. INSYALLAH..Sooo layan je lah..

Sponge box
Upin Ipin
The little girl must love this..

After almost a month, we are really happy with the response..ALHAMDULLILAH...


  1. canteeekkkk!! Aini pun baru jer plan cam nak buat cuppies weekend ni.... ;).

    Nanti kalau teringin nak makan cuppies akak..leh ler beli from Bee's jer, ekk? :D.

  2. TQ Aini..Cobalah...seronok kalau main butter cream dgn anak-anak..

    Yes, Aini boleh dapatkan dari situ. tapi ikut harga depa lah....