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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hari Raya 2008

Just wanna kept all the photos as a memory..This was the raya celebration in 2008. As i promised, this blog gonna be my family album. I dont want to waste all the photos taken by digital camera without being kept in any album. So, i will upload any photos in any occassion happened in our family.

Kenduri doa selamat on the first day of raya.
Abang Ayeb sibuk dengan sate..
Kami bakar sate untuk dimakan di pagi raya
Umur Abang Irfan waktu ini adalah 3 tahun 10 bulan dan Abang 'Imran pulak 8 tahun 4 bulan.

We came up with the pink theme for the dress, but men only for the samping..Tengok lah warna pink kami agak terang..

Chef Koya, Chef Ciju, and Paman were busy with sate...

Menyembang lepas kepenatan seharian di hari raya
Abah, Mak, Pakngah, Pokteh, dan Makcik
Usually, our table akan penuh dgn many kinda food
Pokteh's family
Makcik's family
Pakngah's family
Azmi's family
Abah, mak with 4 of their children (Chef Ciju, Paman, Me, Yati, without Rah)
Our family photo without hubby.He did his massage.
Helper yang memang really membantu, Iswatun Khasannah..
With Cik Mai
Anak Dara 4
Pokteh nak balik S'pore
Second day, lepak@
Abang Ifam dok massage Abah
Nek Cik tengah distributing kain pelekat
Manja kesayangan nenek....

Alahh bucuk nenek

Anja Tok Yayi dia

Bermaafan session

Selalunya kami balik ke Shah Alam on third hari raya

Saturday, August 2, 2008

First time join MyEstima Club..

This was the first activity after joining MyEstima Club..The picnic was held at Serendah Waterfall. My kids were so happy pasal depa boleh berendam..Luckily, i brought my maid here too. So dia lah yang kena dok jaga depa ni..I just sat and watched them from far..During this activity, we had barbeque. But this place was so congested with people. So if you wanna come, better in the morning...

Boring je..pagi - pagi dah kena kejut...
Serendah waterfall, dekat Rawang..

They're having fun

With my new frens di MyEstima Club...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tegal Sari Accommodation, Ubud, Bali

Where you can find the hotel......

Hanoman Street Padang Tegal, Ubud 80571
Bali - Indonesia P.O. Box 183
Telp: 62-361-973318, Fax: 62-361-970701

Tegal Sari Accommodation is the hotel which i like to stay while in Ubud, Bali.. Highly recommended to friends. Usually they wont regret..The first time i stayed here in 2007, and since then everytime i go to Bali, i like to stay at this hotel..You have to make a reservation in advance if you want to stay here, at least six month before..Here i would like to show you the hotel.

It is so green if u go while the paddies still not been harvested..

Superior room -

Rph 440, 000 including tax

Super Deluxe Room..The room so spacious

and could accommodate 4 persons..

Rph 660,000 including 10% tax. Rice field view.

This is Super Deluxe Room - Garden View Rph 660, 000 including tax.

You also can have your meal at hotel's restaurant, Ambian Restaurant.