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Monday, February 22, 2010


No special name of croissant. Sausages in croissant... boleh lah..When the appetite bermula, we r so creative..This was zura and nadia had been done..A pack of croissants was not touched since last three days...Looked at the expiry date...Emmm something had to be done...U can do it simple and yummy...I m sure your kids gonna love this..

A bar of mozzarella - shredded
Croissant in bowl and sausages (slices)
Put sauce
Tabur cheese
Break an egg Bake in microwave pun boleh..
See!!!! after baking


The ingredients:

Plain croissants

Sausages - chicken or beef ikut suka..Cut slice

A bar of mozzarella cheese or shredded


Soup Bowl - use this bowl to bake the croissant

Chili or tomato sause..(ikut suka ati korang)



1. Croissant cut in the middle, bukak kan, then put in the soup bowl. Then bentukkan bila dlm bowl tu..So in a middle nampal kosong.

2. Now you put slices of sausages. Susun di tepi2 croissant tu..

3. Then put chili or tomato sause. Nak pedas - chili, tak nak tomato, But kalau tekak cam org Melayu - buh je chili api..Boleh gak.tak mabuk..

4. Put the cheese..Ikut suka korang gak..Nak bertali2 macam Pizza Hut tu, Emmm letaklah sebanyak mana pun.....

5. Then break an egg and put on the top of the cheese.

6. Put oregano on the top of egg.

7. Time to bake.. Approximately 8 to 10 minutes. Tengok je lah bila cheese tu start melting. dah leh angkat lah tu..Pakai microwave pun boleh...

8. Keluar kan dr bowl and serve..Good to eat while it still hot..


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