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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What i like to do if i have extra bucks.....

This year our company starts bagi extra allowance to oursleves lah..Well bila dah banyak duit ni,

rasa gatal lak nak spend..Hee..So berkira - kiralah..Nak jadi cite, when me and Chef Zura went for window

shopping at first, then jadi shop shopping bukan window dah...once kuar je dari Metrojaya

di Mid Valley, we saw Nail Parlour rite in front of us.. Emmmm pe lagi.. Usha - usha lah...

The Metrojaya entrance can be seen from this shop.

After getting some information from the staff, kitarang pun started do the treatment. I really

wanna do French Manicure, but the girl said, kuku aku pendek...emmmm melepas..

****I like the interior - pinky****

Chef Zura memang suka bab2 cam ne...pucuk dicita, free lak tu..tak sesuai

Puas that girl mentreat kaki ku yang besar tu

Chef Zura was so happy with Marvel

We just spent RM90 for pedicure and manicure, siap buffing lagi..K lah tuu...So decide wanna go

for this activities every month especially time 'cuti'.....

I was so happy with the service..For me yang baru or suka2 ber pedi dan mani i think dah ok

sangat lah tu compare kalau aku buat kat Bali...For me they had good skill.. Most of the staff

were Filipinos ..Many branches mereka ada , di Mid Valley, One Utama, KLCC and Bukit Tinggi.

s E L A M A T b E R P E D I C U R E d A N m A N I C U R E

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