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Monday, August 31, 2009


Goshh!!!..This dish which i really liked to eat during my second pregnancy.. I could have the whole plate while had in Chili's. I m sure you know how much per plate..So i couldnt have it every day..HA..HA..HA.. But my hubby knows how to cook it...

The ingredients. No need to explain, rite???

My beloved chef
Next step

Pour the red bean. Dont use Ayam Brand any more...Many other brands suggested..See Halal Logo..Adabi is highly suggested.

Let the gravy becomes thicker and blend together. Then cool it before you spread the thick gravy on tortilla chips. On the top of it, sprinkle shredded cheese and garnish it with red capsicum.. Bake it until you see the cheese melting..Then you can serve it while it still hot...especially during tea time..PPEEERRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

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