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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Restoren Sederhana in Bali

Restoren Sederhana , Jl.Raya Bypass Ngurah Ray, No 11, Kuta,
Bali, Indonesia

Tel: (0361) 755430, 754875

The entrance

The menu

Choices of lauk...

Tukang buat air

Es teller - we never miss this drink..

Masa p dgn kengkawan..2009

First time we went here in Jan 2008 while we were in Bali....Quite a big restaurant..Masakan padang yang boleh dikirakan baik..If you stay around Kuta, this restaurant is quite close. It could be found at Jalan Raya Ngurah Rai Bypass..Tanya je supir..Kalau dulu sebelahnya adalah Factory Outlet..But when we went there recently in 2010, the factory outlet tu dah bungkus..Now kalau tak silap ada Cirle K..macam Seven Eleven lahh...
Mak and abah love this nasi padang..
With family 2010

Dont forget to singgah at this restaurant...The price also reasonable..There were 17 of us (including our friends, Iwan, Yuyun, and Hari) and it just charged us Rph 745,250

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