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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Putu Ayu


5 eggs - C size
300gm sugar
2 tea spoon ovallet
250 gm flour
250 gm coconut milk
1 tea spoon soda bicabonat
1 or 2 tea spoon pandan flavour
1 or 2 tea spoon green color


1. Beat eggs and sugar with mixer.
2. Put coconut milk
3. Put ovellet inside the batter and beat again
4. Little by little put flour into the batter.
5. Put soda bicabonat, pandan flavour, and green color.
6. Prepare the mould and grease with a bit of oil.
7. Before pouring the batter, put the coconut sreaded at the bottom.
8. Press it a bit. ( coconut sreaded mix with a bit of glutinous flour to make it stick to each others and sprinkle with salt )
9. Steam the batter....

Once you eat it, you gonna like it....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kuih dadar or kuih ketayap???

Kuih dadar or kuih ketayap sama je..But it is called by different name by each state..I know dadar first as the name then baru lah i tau some say ketayap..But ketayap has same meaning as kopiah..Whatever, i like it very much this kuih...Before this i knew how to do it from my late grand mom..And i really fall in love once i ate at Waikiki Cafe in Plaza Alam Sentral. And lucky me and Zura, he told us what the secret is..

All my boys like this kuih...Irfan too...
Ketayap or dadar - sama je..

The ingredients.

1 bowl of flour

2 eggs

pinch of salt

4 table spoon of cooking oil


how to make it..

1. Put water in flour

2. Beat egg with whisk till blend

3. Anggar the batter... same as if u make roti jala..

4. Pour the batter on to the non stick frying pan..

5. When it cook, lift it up from pan.

6. Let it cool a while

7. Then put the filling and wrap it..